Speech therapy

Learn about the causes of speech defects and the available treatment for both adults and children.

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Babies 0

Late bloomers: when to worry

Posted on 28 October 2016

How can you tell if your child is a late bloomer and whether you should be concerned about a possible medical problem?

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Sign language essentials

Posted on 26 September 2016

September is National Month of Deaf People. This infographic shows you how to sign the South African Sign Language alphabet.

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Stuttering through the ages

Posted on 27 February 2014

Stuttering has baffled experts for centuries. So, as you can imagine, there have been some strange theories to explain stuttering and even stranger ideas for fixing it.

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Stuttering: what you can do to help

Posted on 9 May 2013

Helpful hints on how you can help someone who stutters.


  • Our radio-translucent theatre beds enable X-rays to be taken on the spot, without having to move the patient or disturb the procedure.
  • Our hospitals did the first minimally invasive transcatheter aortic valve implant procedure in Africa.
  • The only one in Africa and one of only 13 in the world, the P-I BrÃ…nemark Institute of Excellence at Mediclinic Morningside, specialises in facial reconstruction.
  • Our nursing units are designed to minimise the distance between nursing staff and patients.
  • Mediclinic has the highest number of internationally accredited facilities in Southern Africa.
  • Our 24-hour emergency centres feature state-of-the-art life-saving equipment.
  • Immunisations save lives and help stop diseases from spreading.
  • You get 20% of the water your body needs from eating fruit and vegetables.
  • A jumping rope uses almost every muscle in the entire body during exercise.
  • Our corridors are 2.3m wide allowing two beds to pass one another without any interference.
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The effects of stuttering

Posted on 25 April 2013

Here are the effects stuttering may have on adults and children, as well as treatments that could help.

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All about stuttering

Posted on 16 April 2013

Did you know Carly Simon and Bruce Willis stutter? Read on for more information about stuttering.