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Posted on 1 March 2015

While great care has been taken to keep the patient’s journey top of mind, the team at Mediclinic Midstream also knows that providing cutting-edge total healthcare can take its toll on the environment – therefore they built this new hospital to address those needs.

Words Amanda Killick

Open since March, Mediclinic’s latest state-of-the-art hospital – Mediclinic Midstream – serves the growing community in Centurion’s new Midstream Estate. The birth of this brand-new hospital took huge amounts of planning and attention to detail to create an innovative, patient-centric medical centre that’s the finest in South Africa. Mediclinic Midstream combines the latest global medical technology with operationally sound environmental best practices to service the growing community of more than 4 500 families in the area.

Vital statistics
Mediclinic Midstream is a 176-bed multidisciplinary hospital that enhances Mediclinic’s acute-care expertise and complements the services currently offered by Mediclinic in the Pretoria/Tshwane region.
This R570-million facility is made up of medical, surgical and obstetric units, a high care unit (HCU) and critical care unit (CCU), a 24-hour emergency centre, a radiology department and consulting rooms for specialists. The sophisticated surgical complex has eight state-of-the-art theatres, including a heart theatre and a catheterisation laboratory. There’s also capacity to build more nursing units, theatres and consulting rooms in the future.

Mediclinic Midstream hospital manager Ferdi Kotzé says, ‘The transformation from a building site to a state-of-the-art private acute healthcare facility has taken two years and resulted in one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the Mediclinic stable. The modern infrastructure, technology and expertise of specialists and staff will enhance patient safety and place a high focus on the patient journey. Mediclinic Midstream is constructed around the brand drivers and we employed staff who are passionate about the values of Mediclinic, ensuring a sustainable future for the business.’

Patient-focused and environmentally sound
Detailed planning has gone into ensuring that Mediclinic Midstream places as little strain on the surrounding community and environment as possible. Built in a pavilion style, the separate buildings link to a central point so that the structure sits better in its environment. Kobus Jonck, general manager of projects for Mediclinic, says: ‘The new facility had to reflect the great knowledge and practical experience that Mediclinic has obtained over the years. The overall design allows for practical patient, public and staff workflow that supports current nursing procedures. Every effort was made to ensure the shortest and most logic link between different departments within the hospital.’

Designed to help with the healing process of patients, all wards are flooded with natural light, but the building also uses energy-saving fluorescent lighting with electronic control gear or LED or solid state light technology – these not only consume considerably less electrical energy than filament or incandescent-type lights, but also reduce the heat load in the building. Plus, the building has been fitted with occupancy sensors to switch the lights off (and on) in low-occupancy areas.

The building also includes solar water heating, heat pumps to centralised ventilation, invertor-controlled air-conditioning, energy exchangers, shading louvres for windows, low-emission glazing, insulated walls and roofing, plus the necessary infrastructure for grey water recycling.

Electrically, the ‘green’ effect of indigenous plants and other growth will be used to soften the energy loads of the environment on the building. The rest of the storm water systems will collect and re-use water. On-site waste sorting will be introduced to retain as much recyclable material as possible, thereby keeping to a minimum the quantity of waste bound for landfill sites.

Mediclinic midstream by numbers

2 446 145 The number of bricks used in building the structure

15 427m2 external paint

43 000m2 The amount of site cleared

29 021m2 internal wall paint

9 420m3 of concrete was used to build the structure

8 685m2 of metal sheeting used for the roof

The information provided in this article was correct at the time of publishing. At Mediclinic we endeavour to provide our patients and readers with accurate and reliable information, which is why we continually review and update our content. However, due to the dynamic nature of clinical information and medicine, some information may from time to time become outdated prior to revision.

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