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Posted on 2 August 2016

The new Mediclinic Instagram feed – @mediclinicsouthernafrica – takes you on a visual journey of the people and infrastructure behind the Mediclinic brand.

Thanks to technology, a picture nowadays paints more than the proverbial thousand words as its reach can be extended globally within seconds via the powerful online networks that exist between people. This impact is even greater on the image-driven social media platform Instagram where you can tell an entire story… filter or #nofilter.

‘The really cool thing about Instagram is that it’s such a powerful way to tell people stories,’ says photographer Gerhard Pretorius.

‘You can capture so much emotion in a single shot and convey the personal story behind it. That’s what people do on Instagram: they capture what’s going on in their lives and they share it with others.’ As a visual platform, Instagram is so impactful because it allows you to share stories that can’t be told only with words.

Gerhard and his colleague Kirsten van Papendorp, from The Jupiter Drawing Room advertising agency in Cape Town, recently spent time at Mediclinic Cape Gate, photographically capturing a day in the life of the hospital for Mediclinic’s new Instagram account.

‘There are so many interesting things inherent to everything they do,’ Gerhard says. ‘We knew that if we could capture a visually striking shot and contextualise it with a short caption, we’d be able to share those stories widely.’

Most patients and visitors take these little details for granted and often don’t pick up on them because they simply expect the hospital to be running smoothly at all times.

‘Take the laundry room, for example,’ says Gerhard. ‘It’s not a space that the public ever goes into, but when you walk in there you can’t help but be amazed at the thorough processes that make everything happen as it should. Mediclinic really does have expertise you can trust at every level of the organisation.’

Mediclinic Senior Social Media Engineer, Darren Leite, adds ‘In terms of our key visual content pillars a people focus includes the human faces that embody our work – our patients, our staff and our doctors – and the overarching infrastructure theme covers technology and facilities. Instagram also enables us to spread the word about our various awareness campaigns, health months and more. We’re really excited about this channel of communication that we’re opening up and we have lots of visual stories to tell.’

That’s exactly what Gerhard and Kirsten found on their visit to Mediclinic Cape Gate. Gerhard says, ‘We went in knowing that there were a number of things we were keen to photograph, but at one point we paused to take in the many impressive bits of detail going on around us. There’s so much happening in almost every room.’

Kirsten concludes, ‘You see many small, interesting things and you really get a sense of the Mediclinic brand promise – Expertise You Can Trust – being brought to life. Being able to see how ready they are for anything, and how they have so much top-notch equipment… that really communicates trust. I think people will trust Mediclinic even more than they already do when they see how prepared and well-equipped they are.’

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