• Will your chronic medication affect your pregnancy?


    Posted on 5 February 2019

    Most expectant moms would prefer sailing through pregnancy without having to take medication. However, sometimes high-risk pregnancies or chronic medication make that impossible. Dr Ameera Adam, an obstetrician and gynaecologist at Mediclinic Constantiaberg, sheds some light.

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  • How your depression meds affect your brain’s makeup [infographic]


    Posted on 3 August 2018

    You may have heard that depression is caused by abnormal chemistry in the brain and that antidepressants work by altering the levels of these substances. But what does this mean? What is the chemistry behind depression?

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  • Why you shouldn’t skip antidepressants

    Healthy Life

    Posted on 19 July 2016

    You go away for a weekend and forget your medication at home. It happens. Depending on the meds you’re taking, the effects can be disastrous – or completely benign. A Mediclinic psychiatrist talks us through what could happen if you skip your antidepressants.

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  • Could you be depressed?

    Healthy Life

    Posted on 27 November 2012

    Depression happens to people from all walks of life and is believed to affect one out of seven South Africans – but take heart, it is very treatable. Dr Chris van den Berg, a psychiatrist at Mediclinic Stellenbosch, tells us more.

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