• Do you know how to recognise a serious head injury?


    Posted on 5 March 2019

    Head injuries can vary in degree from minor knocks to serious trauma. A neurologist at Mediclinic Sandton explains how important it is to distinguish between the two.

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  • Concussion: more than just a bump on the head


    Posted on 9 May 2018

    After your head is hurt in a rugby tackle or fender bender, you may look and feel fine. But that doesn’t mean you should try to walk it off: concussion is a serious condition that affects your whole brain and can cause long-term damage.

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  • 4 common health problems in school kids

    Children (1 to 12 years)

    Posted on 13 March 2017

    It’s a lot of fun being young and free to run around and play with your friends. But with sports, rough play and shared locker rooms comes the risk of some common ailments We detail four types of ailments or symptoms that are often unique to active school kids

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  • Brain power


    Posted on 31 March 2016

    You accidentally put your hand on the hot stove. As soon as you feel the burn, you’ll probably pull your hand away very quickly, right? That’s because communication happens in

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  • Mind your head

    Home slider

    Posted on 22 March 2016

    It’s rugby season, and for thousands of schoolboys it’s the time of year when head injuries occur. Dr Roger Melvill, a neurosurgeon at Mediclinic Constantiaberg, explains why it’s so important to seek treatment after a bump to the brain – even if you think you haven’t hit your head hard.

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