Dr Linnie Muller

  • Foetal surgery

    Babies (up to 1 year)

    Posted on 12 February 2015

    There are few things more distressing for parents-to-be than to hear that their unborn baby has been diagnosed with a disorder. Thanks to hi-tech developments in surgical techniques, though, today surgeons can intervene to remedy the situation – before the baby is even born!

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  • FAQs: High-risk pregnancies


    Posted on 11 February 2015

    If your doctor tells you your pregnancy is high risk, don’t be alarmed. It simply means you (or your baby) may have an increased chance of risk and your doctor just wants to make sure you get special attention during your pregnancy to keep you both safe.

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  • Fertility questions answered


    Posted on 15 July 2014

    Having a baby when you’re 40 years or older has great benefits. We find out what those are.

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  • More about the Harmony test


    Posted on 24 June 2014

    Expecting moms can now have a blood test to check for chromosomal abnormalities.

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  • Genetic testing – what to consider


    Posted on 18 April 2013

    Here’s what you need to know about genetic testing if you’re pregnant and when to have it done.

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