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  • Super-sized success story

    Patient Stories

    Posted on 13 March 2014

    Selwyn Smith lost an impressive 140kg – here’s how he did it.

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  • Vasectomy 101


    Posted on 22 May 2013

    Vasectomies are close to 100% effective in preventing pregnancies. Here are some frequently asked questions answered.

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  • A look at endoscopy


    Posted on 28 August 2012

    An endoscope is a flexible tube with a camera lens and a small light source attached to the front tip that is threaded into your gastro-intestinal tract, from which images are projected back to the doctor so that he can have a look at the inside of your intestines.

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  • About hip replacements


    Posted on 21 August 2012

    Our expert Dr Ockie van Zyl is a leading orthopaedic surgeon, specialising in knee and hip replacements. He supports Mediclinic Panorama and Mediclinic Cape Town.

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  • Craniofacial reconstruction


    Posted on 31 July 2012

    Dr Howes, together with maxillo-facial and oral surgeon, Dr Greg Boyes-Varley, are bringing new hope to patients who’ve been severely disfigured by facial tumours or traumatic injury, such as gunshot wounds.

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