festive season

  • Top 5 summer health risks and how to prevent them

    Healthy Life

    Posted on 3 December 2018

    Beaches, bikinis, a lot of beer – summertime is here and the living should be easy. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also rife with health risks. Here’s why, and how you can avoid them.

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  • Toddler-proof holidays

    Babies (up to 1 year)

    Posted on 17 December 2015

    Cross a curious toddler with a Christmas tree filled with shiny ‘toys’ and lights and you could have a recipe for disaster. So here are some tips on making sure your home is safe for your little ones during this festive period. And, if you’re visiting relatives, be aware that their homes might not be child friendly, so ask them to have a look at the list too.

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