ischaemic stroke

  • What happens in your body during a stroke? [infographic]

    Heart & stroke

    Posted on 12 September 2019

    A stroke is a brain attack: a medical emergency that robs your brain of oxygen. The longer you go without specialised treatment, the more damage is done to your brain.

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  • Early warning signs of stroke

    Heart & stroke

    Posted on 9 September 2019

    When it comes to a brain attack (stroke), every minute counts. Your immediate action can help prevent brain damage and long-term disability.

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  • Protect your brain with optimal glucose control


    Posted on 6 November 2018

    Four hundred South Africans suffer a stroke daily: this is a medical emergency where the blood flow to a section of the brain is interrupted or diminished. What’s important is prompt treatment, which can limit damage to tissue that’s suffered a lack of oxygen and nutrients. Dr Rudi Renison, a neurologist in private practice at Mediclinic Cape Gate, explains.

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  • Strokes in new moms


    Posted on 3 September 2014

    A phenomenon we seldom hear about but that’s slowly on the increase worldwide, new moms can experience a mini-stroke up to 12 weeks after giving birth. But before you panic, Dr Peter Haug, a neurologist at Mediclinic Milnerton in Cape Town, gives us the facts to help allay your fears.

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