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Asking for help: it’s not a weakness, it’s essential

She’s a model, actress, businesswoman and serious cyclist. He’s a full-time ultra-marathon trail runner. Yet this power couple stumbled hard when their first child, Max, was born.

Working together to help people hear better

On Saturday 14 October, 10 patients, some as young as seven, woke up before dawn to get to Mediclinic Vergelegen and Strand hospitals. But by the end of the day they’d had life-changing surgery as part of Mediclinic’s collaboration with the Department of Health. This is how the day unfolded: #CarePartners


ProVerb shares his weight loss journey

It’s impossible to be in the same room as ProVerb (real name Tebogo Thekisho) and not have some of his vitality rub off on you. In 2012, the South African rapper, producer, radio and TV presenter and businessman was determined to trade his baggy jeans for a slimmer, healthier look and embarked on a journey to lose a big chunk of the 100kg he was weighing at the time.

International Nurses’ Day 2017

If you have a family, you have something special; if you’re a nurse, you don’t just have one family, you have two.

This International Nurses’ Day, Mediclinic recognises our nurses, who support their colleagues like family – so that they can take such good care of so many others.