Balanced hydration is key

Posted on 8 March 2013

The essence is to remain well hydrated, and drink according to thirst. On a hot day the average rider should be drinking between 400 and 600ml per hour to ensure a balance between being under-hydrated and overhydrated.

Up your intake if it is very hot and you remain thirsty. Over-hydration is as dangerous as under-hydration. Over-hydration by definition, means that you are drinking in excess of what your body needs. The result of over hydration is dilution of the natural salts in the body and a change in the salt concentrations, with consequent cell malfunction of the muscles (cramps) and later other bodily organs as well. This may lead to disorientation and in severe cases a person might lose consciousness.

The key to good, balanced hydration is to listen to your body, and drink between 400 and 600ml or as your thirst dictates. In addition, remember to snack on real food such as baby potatoes with salt or salted products as well to assist with metabolic electrolyte balance.

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