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Posted on 29 October 2014

Exercising with others can be better for both body and soul than going solo. Team up and tap into people power.

Exercising with others can be better for both body and soul than going solo. Team up and tap into people power.

Why should you combine fitness and friends?
1. It’s motivating: One of the biggest advantages of exercising in a team or with a friend is that you’ll push each other harder than would push yourself.
2. It’s a commitment: You’re more likely to stick to your exercise if you have a commitment to someone. It’s also like having a personal trainer – someone is expecting you to show up.
3. It’s great for destressing: We’re calmer and more tired after exercise with others because we push ourselves harder – it actually improves the stress-reducing benefits of exercise.
4. It’s fun: Social interaction is a big plus. Spending the time with someone else makes us feel good, particularly if it’s a team.

Three ways to make exercise more social:
1. Tackle team sport.
Don’t feel you need the skills of Schalk Burger to tackle team sport. Social teams for sports such as touch rugby, tennis, bowls or cycling are a fabulous source of positive energy and can give you a feeling of belonging. Check out your local sports club or gym to find a team sport that is right for you.
2. Find a fitness buddy
Having a fitness buddy means you’re accountable to each other. You want someone who won’t quit, who has similar fitness goals to you, who can fit in with your schedule and who you can share a laugh with.
3. Join a class
Fitness classes are a great way to meet people. Look for something you really enjoy and show up early so you can chat before the class starts. Look for classes at your gym, local community centre or keep an eye on noticeboards and local newspapers.

Tell us how you prefer to exercise on Facebook – is it as a team or solo?

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