‘How could I help if I wasn’t a nurse?’

Posted on 22 May 2018

Hilary De Ronde, a nurse in the Mediclinic Constantiaberg Emergency Centre (EC), believes she can’t do without the pace and action of her work environment. But what first got her into nursing was an overwhelming urge to help people, and a desire to have a career that her daughter could be proud of.

‘The first time I knew I wanted to be a nurse was while working as a cleaner at a hospital. I was cleaning the floor when I witnessed a patient being resuscitated — I felt the urge to help, but how could I help if I wasn’t a nurse?’

‘The opportunity to study came up at a hospital that offered bursaries. I applied and I started studying in 2005. They sponsored two of my four years of study and offered me my first permanent nursing job. I qualified as a registered nurse in 2011.’

‘What really pushed me into nursing, however, was the birth of my first daughter when I was 24. I wanted to have a career she would be proud to tell her class about at show-and-tell.’

Born for this

‘I started in ICU, then transferred to the Emergency Centre (EC), then tried my hand at theatre and… I got bored. I missed the action, the adrenaline and the pace of EC. I love having a job where I can move around and be on my feet all day.’

‘They say you’re born a nurse – I didn’t realise that until I became a nurse. We are with patients at the worst times in their lives, and at the best times in their lives. Being a nurse is not just a job: it’s who you are.’


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