International Nurses Day – Saying thank you

Posted on 16 March 2021

What do you say to someone who cares selflessly? Has compassion for every person they come into contact with? Is strong when you are weak?

Mediclinic says “Thank You!”

Each nurse working in our hospitals is recognised and appreciated as Mediclinic shines a light on the backbone of our hospitals on International Nurses’ Day. May 12th is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, widely considered to be the founder of modern nursing and, since 1965, the International Council of Nurses has celebrated the nursing profession on this day.

Recognition from Peers

At each Mediclinic locality, nurses are invited to nominate a fellow nursing colleague who empitomises the values of the nursing profession.

“In my 15 years at Mediclinic I have come across a number of really special nurses. Nurses who are there for a patient in their time of need. It takes a unique mix of dedication and courage to keep delivering excellent care when our patients are at their most vulnerable. The Mediclinic Nursing Excellence Award is an opportunity to recognise nurses who give of themselves daily; nurses who truly believe that connecting with their patients is an essential part of who they are,” says Estelle Coustas, Nursing Executive, Mediclinic Southern Africa.

Each year, on International Nurses’ Day, each Mediclinic hospital hosts a celebration of nurses and acknowledges a Nursing Excellence Award Winner at their locality. This serves to highlight the dedication that nurse has invested in caring for patients and supporting fellow colleagues. While one nurse may be chosen for the award – the day is a wonderful opportunity to place the spotlight on all nurses practicing within our hospitals.

Mediclinic employs nearly 8800 nurses on a full time basis – making up about 55% of our workforce. In an industry focused on care – where patients are vulnerable or ill, or when families are welcoming new members into the world – it is the dedication of our nurses that makes Mediclinic one of the top healthcare providers in South Africa.

Training for the Future

About 30 years ago, Mediclinic realised that there was a growing national need to train nurses and they subsequently launched a small nursing training centre.

By the late 90s, there were simply not enough nurses to satisfy the industry demand so Mediclinic, with permission from the South African Nursing Council, started a training programme that would provide the industry with much-needed qualified Enrolled Nurses and Registered Nurses. This programme started with 50 students and has grown to a large-scale national higher education initiative across 7 training centres that is capable of educating about 1 000 nurses annually. Currently 70% of the nurses that have trained through Mediclinic since 2001 remain working within Mediclinic hospitals.

These nurses now serve proudly within our hospitals with many choosing to study further in order to provide key skills in highly specialised care units.

On International Nurses Day, Mediclinic says “Thank You!”


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