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Posted on 18 September 2018

Lesego Sepeng is a keen runner. He also works in the pharmacy at Mediclinic Brits. Now his passion for running is meeting up with his concern for others’ health. For the second year in a row, Lesego will be running between several Gauteng based Mediclinic hospitals, raising awareness in the community around heart health.

Inspired by a patient who had a heart attack after neglecting his health, Lesego was motivated to spread the message of good heart health last year. Building on the success of his ‘Heart Endurance Run’ last year, he says he has chosen September to create awareness around cardiovascular diseases by equipping patients with knowledge, practical advice and treatment options.

Lesego has been running for about five years and plans to tackle the next Comrades alongside one of the Mediclinic doctors, Dr Thabo Makobela, as a personal challenge for each of them. But for now it is not about doing Ironman or the Comrades, for him this run is about people making the small changes in their lives, to positively impact their health. “Climbing stairs or walking for half an hour twice a week can make all the difference,” he explains.

His journey will begin at Mediclinic Brits on Tuesday, 18 September 2018 and he will visit a number of hospitals over a five day period. The route includes Mediclinic Legae, Mediclinic Medforum, Mediclinic Heart, Mediclinic Muelmed, Mediclinic Kloof and Mediclinic Midstream before returning to Mediclinic Brits. “I just want to feel that my interaction with the public will make a difference, where people will learn to take care of themselves before it is too late,” says Lesego. This year Lesego will cover an approximate distance of 120km.

In 2017 various community members ran alongside Lesego. Once again the invitation was extended to colleagues from other hospitals as well as doctors and members of the community.

“I would also like to thank all supporters of the Mediclinic Brits Endurance Run, especially the Mediclinic Brits Management team, Mediclinic Prime and ER24. I appreciate all your time and support,” says Lesego, “They have assisted me with training programmes, logistical arrangements and the basics of making this run a reality.”

Day 1

Day 2 

Day 3

Day 4 

Day 5

For further information on Lesego’s run please contact Yvette Joubert, project coordinator, on 012-252 8083 or and Lesego Sepeng on


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