Mediclinic Midstream is eco for Earth Hour

Posted on 27 March 2015

On 28 March 2015, between 8pm and 9pm, concerned citizens everywhere will be doing their bit for Earth Hour. This includes the folks at Mediclinic Midstream, currently one of the most eco-friendly hospitals in South Africa, who do their bit for the environment every day…

Open in Centurion since the beginning of March, Mediclinic Midstream’s ergonomic design and patient-centric approach to healthcare combines science with the needs of its patients. This 176-bed multidisciplinary hospital enhances and complements the services currently offered by Mediclinic in the Tshwane region, and has innovation at its heart that goes beyond its ICT systems.

The hospital has incorporated several greening and environmental initiatives designed to minimise the hospital’s carbon footprint. Some of these features include:

  • Solar panels
  • Rainwater stored in tanks for garden use
  • Heat pumps
  • Film on windows to minimise heat gain
  • Building that’s ergonomically designed for heat and cold
  • Air-conditioning design that’s optimised for all seasons – heat energy exchange heating, ventilation, and air conditioning integrated with water reticulation.

Ferdi Kotzé, hospital manager of Mediclinic Midstream, says, ‘The selected electrical and mechanical fixed installations will further contribute to the energy saving and environmental care initiatives already in place. We have introduced energy saving lighting with electronic control gear and ‘Tri-phosphor’ technology, or LED and solid-state light technology in high intensity installations such as operating theatre lights. They not only consume considerably less electrical energy but also reduce the heat load in the building.’

The aesthetics of the building are an interpretation of a modern healthcare facility and also include solutions to optimise patient care and recovery. The hospital not only fits in with the ambiance of surrounding areas and buildings, but various views of the surrounding Midstream area are also visible as patients move through shortened passages. The wards are flooded with natural light, designed to help the healing process of patients.

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