The benefits of exercise

Posted on 6 April 2016

We know exercise is important to keep our bodies and minds healthy so we investigated to find out exactly how our bodies benefit from regular exercise.

But before you head off to the gym with your seven-day workout, Dr Kobus Uys, a spinal surgeon at Mediclinic Durbanville warns that rest days are just as important. During exercise, your heart rate rises, muscle fibres break down and hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, are secreted. When you rest, your body works on repairing the tissue damage, strengthening your heart and other muscles, and generally refilling your tank to make your body fitter, stronger and more efficient than before. ‘Listen to your body,’ says Dr Uys. ‘A good exercise programme runs for five days a week, with two rest days. You shouldn’t exercise more than those five days. Your body needs the rest.’

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