Mediclinic Gariep is committed to green

Posted on 29 August 2014

Construction of Mediclinic’s newest hospital, Mediclinic Gariep in the Northern Cape, is well underway. Here’s how the hospital will be environmentally friendly.

In line with Mediclinic’s commitment to sustainable development and good corporate citizenship, Mediclinic Gariep incorporates environmentally sound features. These include solar-water heating, heat pumps to centralised ventilation, shading louvres for windows, low-emission glazing, insulated walls and roof, and a water-wise garden of indigenous veld and protected trees.

Protected camelthorn trees (acacia erioloba) that were on site, were enclosed with fencing during construction. The largest of these trees now forms a focal point beyond the main patient passage and public courtyard. The roof needs insulation of 100mm and purpose designed roof details, which have since become a standard detail for many new buildings.

All external finishes (wall and roof) are a near white colour, which not only embodies professionalism and cleanliness, but also radiates midday heat away from internal spaces. Similarly the paving colours have been chosen in a light grey to reduce the ‘urban heat island’ phenomenon.

There’s no up-lighting in external areas to eliminate light pollution and to emphasise the renowned clarity of the Northern Cape’s night sky. Plus, fittings use energy saving lamps.
Water heating is done with advanced solar heating technology. Large expanses of flat roofing are required for this and purpose-built brackets were installed to align the solar panels neatly on an undulating roof as they will be visible from most of the patient courtyards.

In a setting such as the Northern Cape, glare from the sun can cause discomfort for patients. As a result, the windows are glazed with low-emission glass to reduce heat loss and are fitted with purpose-made solar screens.

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The information provided in this article was correct at the time of publishing. At Mediclinic we endeavour to provide our patients and readers with accurate and reliable information, which is why we continually review and update our content. However, due to the dynamic nature of clinical information and medicine, some information may from time to time become outdated prior to revision.

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